Live With No Regrets

How many times have you made a decision based not on what you want and dream about but on what should be the right thing to do?  How many regrets do you have so far? How many choices would you have made differently if you could go back in time?

– I was thinking the other day about things I have not said to people that I wanted to.
– I was thinking about things I chose not to ask for because I was afraid.
– I was remembering times when I didn’t ask for help even though I really needed it.
– I was thinking about the times when I said:  “No, thank you” when my heart was screaming: “yes, please”.
– I was thinking about people whom I never approached because I thought that they would not want to talk to me.
– I was thinking about those times when somebody smiled at me and I turned away because I was afraid to smile back.
– I was thinking about those times when I was deciding between what I want and what I think other people want me to do or be.


– And then, I thought about things that I chose to do because I wanted that.
– I thought about things that I did even though others told me not to.
– I remembered people whom I talked to and became friends with.
– I looked back at things that I did that made me happy.
– I remembered some situations I put myself into that scared the living shit out of me but at the end it all made sense because it was the right thing to do (my right thing to do).
– I remembered a few conversations I had with people that made a difference in my life and then in their lives.
– I remembered those people whom I didn’t ignore and did what my heart told me to.

And guess what? I have come to a conclusion once again that I do not want to live my life regretting. I want to live every second of my life enjoying it and knowing that no matter what comes, I have lived…

That means – do what your heart tells you…no regrets..


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2 responses to “Live With No Regrets”

  1. Lois says :

    What a great post, Dace! It is so exciting to me to see young people who are embracing this idea and living from a place of no regret. Or at least, being aware of regret and trying to live without it.

    I love that people are finding out who they are and trying to be authentic representations of the person they really are without all the trappings of regret and the woulda/coulda/shoulda’s. My father died with a great deal of regret and I do not want to end my existence here in the same way he did. Thanks for verbalizing this so well! Rock on!

    • Dace says :

      Life is full of surprises and I do not want to miss even a second of it.

      You are such a great example of what I am talking about. Your journey is one hell of a ride but what a ride…

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