Love And Hate…

importantDon’t you sometimes wonder why some people stay in your life and some just pass through? I have and I am thankful for each one of them.

I watched so many episodes of Bones today and even though it is all about murders, bones, dead bodies, flesh, gross stuff, and getting the right person arrested, it is all about people, friendships, and relationships between people.

So, I took a look at every singe person in my life.  I took a look at my friends that I love dearly and would never want to lose.

Some of them just walked into my life and stayed there, and I, honestly, don’t have an explanation why. We are so different and if I had to pick them as my friends, I would never do so. However, I would never give them up as the connection we have is not something I can describe or understand. It is a love-hate relationship that I can’t be without.

Some of them I chose to keep as there was something about them that made me feel attracted to them. Not in a sexual way but in a way that makes you a better person. You know how some people just bring a different perspective to things, events, facts, and life itself? This perspective might not be something you agree upon but it definitely gives you that one missing piece of explanation that you can’t just find yourself.

Some of them are people I would date in a heart beat if I was not in love with the most wonderful person I have ever met. These people are the ones I have that special “click” with. You know, when you just know that you have known them even before you were born?

Those are people who you have that deep connection with that freaks you out. The connection that exists on so many levels that you don’t even need words to explain. You look at them and you know – they are so special to your heart that you would never ever give your friendship away.  You love them just because they exist.

Once in a blue moon you have no clue why you are forced to meet certain people, either it is for work, an x-mas party, maybe a social event, a meeting, a social club, or maybe just a grocery store. However, within a few moments, maybe hours, maybe weeks, or maybe a few years, you have that one conversation that changes everything.

So, today, I wanted to say not just thank you for being a huge part of my life, but also for being there for me just by being yourself. I love each one of you – either I have met you in the virtual world or face to face. If you feel the same way about me, you know who you are…

thank you….


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    i like this post alot

  2. Caroline says :

    Who is this beautiful person…?!

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