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wise personAs I do often, I was going through my “to read” blogs and something caught my eye. It was a very short post by Carly about surrounding yourself with people who share not just your laughter but also tears.

It reminded me that we do have a choice what people we invite in our lives. We often want to keep those people who do not bring anything positive. We keep hoping that things will change or that a miracle will happen. Yes, we can change the way our lives go as we have choices to make.

Yes, maybe your parents are something that you want to keep in your life and maybe that one special friend that you had for years would be a great asset but remember – things change and quiet often not for good.

If parents do not love you for who you are, if their love is conditional and comes with their rules – we love you but not the gay in you, maybe you should just let them be. If a friend that you trusted, loved and respected, turns his/her back just because you are different, then he or she was never your true friend.

There are so many wonderful people who will love you for who you are, who will encourage you to be the best you can be, who will celebrate your successes and support you when things are not going well.

There are people who would die for your friendship and who will be there to hold your hand when your heart skips a beat, who will laugh when you trip but will help you to get up.

You have to choose yourself over those people who do not deserve you in their lives. You should still respect them for who they are and for their choices but you do not have to give up your happiness and your life for what they believe in or for what they hate.

So, let’s start the New Year with a resolution to be happy and to let people be who they are.


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7 responses to “Surround Yourself With…”

  1. Lois says :

    I so agree! Live and let live! Happy New Year, Dace!

  2. CarlyBeth's Blog says :

    Thanks for linking me 🙂 I’m glad you wrote this – I have been hurting over people who I love who either don’t know how to support me during the tough times or judge me for feeling down. When the latter happens it’s like getting smacked in the face when you’re on the ground wounded.

  3. Charron's Chatter says :

    No matter what it is that society or friends judge, it’s not for them to do so. Only you and God are what’s important in a lifestyle choice–and this goes across the board to heteros’–the unconditional love part. Love me…failings, idiosyncrasies, bad habits & all. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder not to settle.

    • Dace says :

      life is so short to waste it on people and things that do not bring joy into your life. You are right Charron, it is nobody’s place to judge.

  4. liz says :

    thank you for being such an inspiration!

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