Getting Ready…

54752_10150110913630638_5788257_oTwo weeks are left and I am about to have a slight panic attack. This is going to be my first Christmas without my sweetie. We will not be waking up together to wish a Merry Christmas to each other. No more lighting candles, turning x-mas lights on, making breakfast, enjoying coffee, and unwrapping presents.

8 happy years together and 7 amazing Christmas celebrations!

My childhood was not a dream come true and Christmas was a very sad time in my life. Even as an adult I never looked forward to Christmas as Christmas made me feel sad and uncomfortable – so many painful memories.

My honey made every single one of them count. She showed me what Christmas is about and now I look forward to spending it together with her or family or friends. I have learned to love Christmas, Christmas music, buying presents, and watching people open them.

I enjoy decorating and transforming our house into a little wonderland. The smell of coffee and scented candles makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

This is going to be a true test to see if I have really learned to love Christmas and can manage to keep up the spirit even away from my Love.

So, snow or rain, coffee or tea, Honey or no Honey – I am going to have a wonderful Christmas.


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7 responses to “Getting Ready…”

  1. carolynpageabc says :

    Awww, sad…!
    I appreciate all that you write… I too didn’t have a fairytale childhood and Christmas meant receiving a gift such as; a new school dress… Awwwww!
    In adulthood, thank goodness, things have ‘turned around’ and Christmas is now a lovely time of year filled with a ‘you beaut’ Christmas tree (like yours), gifts that hold ‘special meaning’ and friends and loved ones who share that joy with me…
    So, all I can say to you, dear Dace is awwwwwwwww, make it a good one regardless of your Honey not being with you… After all, life is just an attitude…!
    (I still think it’s miserable that you’ll be without your Sweetie, though.. 😉

    • Dace says :

      yes, there comes time when you choose what people stay in our lives and you choose your family. And then, a lot of things change their meaning.

  2. leniking says :

    Where will she be?

  3. liz says :

    beautiful post! thank you for being an inspiration for finding the joy in the season, no matter what the circumstances. xo

  4. Nicole Schmidt says :

    Ahhh Honey! You expressed perfectly how I am feeling about being apart from you this year. 🙂 As always, you have a magical way with words that I adore. I wish you a wonderful time on your adventure and I look forward to being in your arms
    again soon! XOXO

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