I’ll be Watching You!

Courtesy of Hippie Peace Freaks FB Page

It is that time of the year when cookies and cakes, and desserts, and other sweets are just haunting you. No matter where you go, they are there. You smell them, you can even feel them without seeing.

It’s like being in heaven and hell at the same time (no religious pun intended).

I know how this works for me. I smell a freshly baked cookie and have a very heated debate with myself if I really want one or  it is just something that I definitely need to go on. And I always lose.

Of course, I need that cookie. Who doesn’t? My day will be ruined if I do not have that cookie and I will end up eating one later anyways. Then why not have it and enjoy it and go for more? ha…ha..ha…


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One response to “I’ll be Watching You!”

  1. carolynpageabc says :

    Oh yes, I know that routine all too well….! 😉
    And yes, like you Dace, I’ve learned not to pressure myself for hours thinking and thinking about all the reasons why I shouldn’t. No, now if this happens I just ‘go for it’; it was going to happen eventually anyway… lol… 😉

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