Ode To Friends

It is so easy to be self-absorbed and concentrate on yourself – your worries, your happiness, your success, your work, and things you do not have but want. I would like to concentrate for a few on things that I do have:

I have the most amazing partner that has made me the person I am today.  She has been there for me in so many amazing ways:

– to wipe my tears away and hold me tight when I have my Saturday morning breakdowns right after I get off the scale
– to make me cry talking about all the abandoned and abused kitties
– to laugh at me when I get really worked up about politics and go on for hours
– to listen to me and shake her head when I go on and on about my mother and her choices (even though she knows this is a never-ending story)
– to push me away to find something in my closet when I am staring at what I am looking for and claiming that it is not there
– to open a jar with two fingers when I have been sweating for minutes to even get a grip on the damn thing
– to take away my fruit when I am about to go into a sugar coma

I have the most amazing and unique friends. When you meet them, you will know. Nothing normal or typical about them. All of them have their quirks and they bring an amazing amounts of laughter and smiles into my life.  I have always been drawn to uniqueness as I believe that outcasts and freaks are the smartest, funnest and life enriching people. It is never a dull moment with them.

Lets be honest, life is way too short to try to do the right thing, to fit in, and to be like everyone else as you will just waste your whole life being NOT YOURSELF.  People do understand that but you can see the tendency to stand on the other side and pretend to be like everyone else as no one wants to be ridiculed, looked at funny and avoided.

I have met a few amazing people virtually and I am so blessed to have them in this virtual world. Yes, you can say that sometimes what you think is not what you get but being paranoid is not the best choice either. These few people have opened my eyes to the world in ways I would never be able to do myself. Reading their blogs, their take on life, their reflections on what they see and feel, their description of life, their pictures of day to day stuff from where they stand or sit, have made my heart skip a beat so many times. I might not be able to meet them and maybe some of them could be fake and different in their real lives, but I can’t deny the impact they have had on my life and the way I see things or think about things.

I don’t actually care if they are real or those are just their virtual personalities, it is all about my perception and what I get out of it.


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7 responses to “Ode To Friends”

  1. humanrightswarrior says :

    Relationships are so important. I’m so glad that you have such amazing and important ones!

  2. carolynpageabc says :

    I love your partner too…. ha hmmmmmm……
    I do appreciate what you say; a great partner ‘fills in the missing spots’. I too have one like that… Very lucky, to be sure…
    When I started blogging I didn’t know why, or what to expect. What I’ve found (and received) has been a wealth of knowledge/expansion. Seeing the world through others eyes; even just appreciating the lifestyles, political viewpoints, hardships… (the list could go on and on) has given me an appreciation of others that I could not obtain in my ‘real world’. Yes, the real world is good, and I enjoy it very much, however this world, speaking with you, is great too…. Thank You, Dace for your take on life… It is way cool, too….

  3. Nancy says :

    Without friends or loved ones, we’d never reach our goals. Our friends complete us and help us on our journey. I’m proud to call you a friend!

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