Living In The Moment

Doesn’t it sometimes feel that you keep chasing this moment but never seem to catch up and be able to hold on to it for long? Maybe it is because there is no such a thing as MOMENT. Maybe all you need to do is just eat that damn cookie. And while you eat it realize that this is it – that is the moment right here right now experiencing whatever comes.

And maybe you should look around yourself and have that realization that there is never going to be the state of – I will save the world or I will be loved by everyone, I will be respected by everyone and I will be accepted by everyone.

No matter how you look, there has never been peace or power or any possibility in blame, anger, feeling sorry for yourself or resentment.

So, I am just sitting here and eating my cookie


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I am perfectly imperfect!

One response to “Living In The Moment”

  1. carolynpageabc says :

    Sounds good to me, Dace….
    Yum; it tastes soooooo good..! 🙂

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