We Are Nothing But Puppets…

I was in a meeting at work watching people going at it – arguing, proving, getting mad at each other, playing ” I am so important and you should listen to me” game.  It was entertaining and eye opening. I was sitting there and thinking – how did we ever got so far? How in a world we ended up being so attached to beliefs that are not ours? How in a world we never questions anything? Why do we get sucked into these roles that we play day in day out? And it is not just work, we play all kinds of roles in this life – neighbor, sibling, child, adult, parent, friend, and just a human being.

We have these behavioral templates that we believe in without thinking, without questioning. We use them just because everyone else does that and we never question the validity.

The question I have is – do people even know who they are or they just live their lives based on values and convictions taught to them?

What do I mean?  Well, I am glad you asked!

You start questioning things when you have lived among different cultures. That is when you wonder why you believe in things you believe in? and why things that you take as facts actually turn out to be lies…or, to be more  precise, things are true only if you believe they are true…

Let me give you a few examples:

– North Americans believe that you have to refrigerate meat right after you cook it or you will get sick or will get food poisoning.  However, Latvians leave their meat and cheese out on the table for a day or so. They do not have coolers and they carry their smoked meats or sausages with them in the car or a bag for more than a day if they go camping or on a road trip. And they eat it without getting sick. They also, re-fry that cooked meat if it seems funny and still eat it without getting sick

– Latvians believe that you can’t drink cold water or anything cold for that matter during a very hot day or you will get a strep throat. They believe it so badly that they actually get it.

– Most Latvian women believe that if they do not have sex with a guy for a long time, their vagina will close.

– Latvians also believe that your kidneys will catch a cold if you sit on a concrete before the thunder bangs 3 times in a row.

I know, you think it’s silly as everyone knows you can drink cold water or beer during a hot day but Latvian’s do not know that. So, how many other beliefs do you have that you take as a proven fact that actually are just beliefs that somebody taught you? How do you know that whatever you think to be true actually is?

You have no clue…let’s be honest…we are just puppets who do and believe as we are told to. We believe that we have to get an education to get a good job to have a good life. We believe that we have to have a job, have to have a house, have to have a good salary, have to be a good human being and contribute to the society…we believe…we just keep blindly believing in things we have to do…but the truth is, we have no clue what the truth is as we believe in things others told us are true..

A simple question for you and I hope you have an answer to it? Who are you?

– are you a mother or a father? nope, that is just a role you play
– are you an engineer, a doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse, a teacher, a sanity engineer? nope, that is also role you play
– are you a brother or a sister or a son or a daughter? nope, that is still a role you play

So, who are you? Honestly, I can see your face going pale because you have no answer and you probably have never even thought about that, have you?

You have never thought about the fact that whatever you think you are, it is just a role you play in your life and you do not know what the truth is, you do not know what your beliefs are because you have taken your parent beliefs, you have taken your teachers beliefs, you have taken your countries beliefs , your churches beliefs and made them your own…Somebody told you what to think, how to think and what to believe in…and you are just a puppet who follows the path others have laid out for you…

Oh, did i hurt your feelings and you think that you are a rebel and you do not agree with your parents, you think that you are an individual with your own beliefs?  If so, tell me: Who are you?

Don’t tell me what you believe in or give a list of roles you play. Adjectives will not work either as those are just descriptive words of a personality that you have developed based on same beliefs I was talking about earlier.


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4 responses to “We Are Nothing But Puppets…”

  1. Heather Stearns says :

    I don’t really see that “playing a role” is a bad thing, so long as it is a role you have chosen for yourself, and you define how the role fits you. For example: I am a musician because *I* choose to be. I play the music I want to play, the way I want to play it. I do shows because I want to and because I enjoy it. I teach lessons because I want to share what I’ve learned. Sure, being a musician is a role, but I choose how much of it I do, how much commitment I want to throw at it.

    It would be a different story if I had been forced into being a musician by someone else, had my creative life controlled by someone else (like how the USSR “owned” their artistic citizens, for example). There would be no personal choice involved, and that’s not a good thing.

    • Dace says :

      this is more about people morphing into their roles and identifying with them and not realizing that no matter how you look at it – it is a choice. I never said that playing roles is bad, I never said that choosing to play is bad. I did say that if playing is not fun, you do not have to play. You can be whatever you choose to be as long as you are having fun.

  2. Sarah says :

    I remember my spouse, in her final illness, looking at the roles she had taken on in her life and slowly, intentionally, one or a few at a time, dropping them from her self-identity. It was fascinating to witness/share her process of self-discovery (though I knew I was still too “attached” and caught up in the roles I had/have taken on). She checked out over three years ago, and I am still coming back to life, so to speak. For the several years that I was unemployed, and while working in the rarified reality of a Hospice facility, I found it relatively easy not to identify myself as anything in particular. Now that I’m rejoining the “real” world again (so much less real, in many ways, than the reality I inhabited during and after her illness!), in a new city, I am very aware when people ask what I do/who I am that it’s all empty labels . . .

    Thanks for your interesting, thought-provoking post!

    • Dace says :

      unfortunately, sometimes it is too late to come to that realization. I am sad to hear about your spouse but every end has a beginning and, in this case, you needed that rude awakening to become who you are today. She is still watching over you and she will always be in your heart and I am sure she would be proud of you

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