“Preventing the Tragedy of LGBT Youth Homelessness.”

I think this is a good message to pass on.  Youth homelessness, either LGBT or straight, is something of a concern and should be talked about.  As more you talk, as more people hear. As more people hear, as more they are aware. And as more they are aware, as better chances we have for a change.

Preventing the Tragedy of LGBT Youth Homelessness

Via Social Work License Map and MSW@USC

Living on the streets can be difficult on many levels and many runaways and homeless youth, including LGBT, live not just on the streets but you can say that sometimes at the intersection of a dangerous crossroad. Discrimination, sexual, physical and verbal abuse based on sexual orientation, race, gender, gender expression, and age.
As a society we ignore these intersections not only at our own peril but at the peril of the lives of thousands of out-of-home straight and LGBT youth.


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4 responses to ““Preventing the Tragedy of LGBT Youth Homelessness.””

  1. Lois says :

    I agree. Youth homelessness is tragic no matter what the reason for it or who it is that’s without a home. The fact that youth homelessness continues after so many years of being aware that it exists, and in fact, seems to be increasing, especially with LGBT youth, is especially disturbing. My wish is for a resolution to this situation on a global level – awareness is first and foremost the key to the beginning of the end of this. Thanks for the post.

    • Dace says :

      exactly my point, Lois. It is disturbing and we just need to talk about it more and more and hope that there will be more ears to listen

  2. Kindred Pilgrim says :


    Local Atlanta Org created by some really lovely people doing some really lovely work. GREAT POST, btw.

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