A Letter To My Dad

Many years have passed by since I have spoken to you. Isn’t it sad that the father’s day is the only thing that reminds me of you?

Honestly, I have wished so many times that I had a father that I could love and respect, a father that made me smile, a father that held my hand and said that everything would be alright when it felt like the earth was tumbling under my feet.

I hear my friends talk about their amazing fathers, I see my friends being amazing fathers, and I wish I had experienced a glimpse of what it would feel to have one.

I am not sad and I am not angry as you did what you thought was right. You didn’t even know how to live your own life without hurting yourself and people around you. I guess you didn’t know what it meant to love and you were so lost in your own feelings that everybody else was just in your way of self-distraction.  It was never about me as it was always about you and your pain…

However, as today is a father’s day, I would like to thank you for playing such an important role in my life. You taught me, how not to grow up an angry person. You taught me compassion and understanding. You taught me that violence is not an answer and that nobody has a right to hurt others just because they do not know how to handle their pain. As you were everything that I did not want to become, you were a great role model to me.  You hurt me and messed me up so I can become a better person, so I can be somebody you would never become.

You were a huge part of my life for so many years, and you were such an inspiration. I learned at an early age that if I wanted to be happy, I just needed to let go and face my fears instead of running from them. I learned that pain is a good thing – it shows you that you are alive and that you are still breathing and it makes you understand that life is what you make of it.

You have a choice – to live and enjoy the journey or to waste your life living in the past judging everybody and everything.


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10 responses to “A Letter To My Dad”

  1. Valentina says :

    This could be my boys’s letter to their dad. To the last letter, because they too are amazing and seem to be very aware of their father, seeing him still but he will never earn their proper love and respect as he continues to be drowned in his own self and his own pity for himself. I like to think I helped in their being who they are now. Was it really juxtaposition to him alone that made you who you are, or did other people influence that do you think?

    • Dace says :

      Of course, Valentina, every single person who came into my life contributed to who I am today. We learn from everybody and everything that happens to us. As more we see and experience as more we learn about the way things work. We learn about beliefs, we learn about behavioral patterns, and we learn about values.
      Our lives are as an empty book, it is up to us to write in it. We choose what influences us and we choose what and how we go through life. We choose to be aware of our surroundings or choose to be ignorant. We choose our truth…

  2. Lois says :

    What an inspiringly candid piece you’ve written here! To take what was given to you, at such a young age, and to make it into the awesomeness that you are today is truly magical.

    Life is indeed a blank slate and it becomes what we create it to be. You’ve created something unique and joyous out of the ashes of another’s despair and are passing that inspiration on to others.

    Thank you for being my friend – I am blessed by your presence in my life.

  3. yari says :

    Wow this letter is exactly what I have always wanted to say to my dad, but never got the chamce to. He passss away five years ago….Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  4. Selvi Malar says :

    This letter is so powerful… I feel like crying right now. Word for word, this is how I feel about my dad 😥 Thank you, Dace

  5. mickcgorman says :

    It sounds just like my dad! We survive though, don’t we?

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