People who Inspire

Who inspires you? Isn’t that a good question?

How many of you thought of a celebrity? I spent a few minutes thinking about this and realized that I was looking in the wrong place. Yes, many celebrities use their fame and money to do good and they deserve the recognition and respect, however, for me those are not the people I would look at.

I admire mothers who have lost their husbands or wives and children and still find a way to go on and live their lives. I admire women who have been raped by fathers, brothers, uncles or male friends and still have families, have children and husbands and leave their pain and humiliation behind.

I admire men who have been sexually or physically abused by their fathers, grandfathers or men they looked up to, and grow up gentle, sweet, and caring, and become loving fathers.

I admire animals, yes, animals, who have been abused and mistreated by humans and still trust, forgive and unconditionally love them.

It is not easy to let go and it is not easy to live right here, right now and let your past stay where it belongs. It is so easy to use your past as an excuse and it is difficult to break free.

These women and men, and animals are my inspiration to become a better person and learn to let go.


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One response to “People who Inspire”

  1. New Allie says :

    Beautifully said. I admire you.

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