Forgive and You Will Live

Hate will give you a reason to go on and do things but when you forgive, you have a chance to live your life to the fullest.

So many books and websites created by authors, religious folks, poets, and just smart people, talking about how hate messes things up and how forgiveness brings pure bliss.

However, just stripping it down to the core- whatever you feel, is a limitation, and whatever you hold on to, is a limitation that keeps you away from living your life.

Forgiveness just means letting go! Letting go of everything that potentially keeps you away from doing things you love and enjoy. Letting go just means – being able to live without conditions, without hang ups, without expectations, and without set backs created by you!

Some people hate you? So what! It is them, not you, who can’t sleep. It is them, not you, who have to think about how much they hate you and how much you make their lives miserable.
You go on and live your life reaching for your dreams and making them come true.

Who is left behind? And why would you even care if someone hates you for reasons known only to them? Who is going to have a better life you or them?


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