Live for YourSelf or Live For Others

Don’t you think that we were born to live and not to exist? It happens way too often that we go through life like we are on autopilot. We go through these periods of time when day after day passes by the same way.

We are way too comfortable and we realize that we have gone through another year without having done anything.  Actually, we come to a realization that we have not really lived.

One or two years – nothing to worry about, but when you reach certain age and you look back on life with regrets, not so good. That’s fine, until you see your friend’s kids go off to college, you might feel that you have missed something.

If you want to truly live your life, experience, and enjoy it to the full extent, instead of barely getting by or just existing, then you need to find a way to let go of all the beliefs and convictions you have.

If you live your life worrying if you are living up to expectations, if you are letting down your parents, if you are doing the right thing,  if you have become somebody that other people approve of, then you are not living. You are trying to be somebody that other people think you should be.  That means that you live your life for others, you live to make them happy.

What makes you happy? What makes your heart skip a beat? Do you live for yourself or you live for others?



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2 responses to “Live for YourSelf or Live For Others”

  1. The SJAdvocate says :

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder 🙂 The things that make me happy and the things that make me money seem to be two separate things, and this year I’m changing that. The things that make me happy: speaking, teaching, fiction writing, acting. Knowing I’ve made a difference. The things that make me money: writing non-fiction about subjects I don’t care about.

    I’ve started working on my screenplay every day and blogging most days. Steps in the right direction so I can start making money doing the things I Love instead of the things I “have” to do.

    • Dace says :


      that is exactly what I was trying to say. Do what you love, do what you are passionate about as this life is way too short to waste it. The truth is, not all the passions will earn you bread but most of them will if you use the right tools to spread the word. Or at least, have a balance in your life and never give up on your dreams.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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