Canada gay marriages “not legal,” Ottawa argues

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“Thousands of gay marriages performed in Canada for same-sex couples who traveled to the country to get married may not be legal.

The Canadian government is arguing in a Toronto court case that non-residents who were wed in Canada are only considered married if gay marriage is also legal in their home country or state, The Globe and Mail reported.

This statement from the Canadian government hurts and it is quiet offensive as those are people’s lives, their dignity, and basic human rights we are talking about.

The reason somebody would travel to get married is – they can’t do it in their own country and Canada has always been more progressive, supportive, and forthcoming than some other countries.

I think this could open a can of worms as that would mean that people from different casts, classes or religions or nationalities that have come to Canada from a country that doesn’t allow them to get married will not be able to be legally married. For example, Marriage between a Jew and non-Jew is not legally permitted in Israel. Does that mean that every Jew who married a non Jew in Canada is not married?

Two people should be allowed to get married in a country that allows that by Law even if their own countries do not permit that as it is the foundation of freedom, equality, and justice. Those are basic human rights.

I am married to an American. Neither my country nor my partner’s country support same-sex marriage. Yes, there are states that allow same-sex marriage in US but it is just a State. Same-sex marriage is not legal on a Federal Level. An American can’t marry a foreigner and sponsor them for a green card or a citizenship.

I am a Canadian permanent resident but I am still a citizen of Latvia. Same-sex marriage is not legal in US or Latvia. We got married in Canada before we moved here. Does that mean that my marriage is not legal? Are you saying that 6 years of my “so called” marriage I lived a lie? Are you saying that I am a less of a human being who deserves to love and be loved, and deserves to commit myself to my partner by making it official?

I will repeat myself but this is what it is – I am a human being, I love the same way as everybody else, I cry the same way, I work, I pay taxes, and all I want is – to be treated like everyone else, abide same laws, respect, and be respected by the country I live in or choose to call home.

I am ashamed of Canadian government for making this statement!


[Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said that a “legislative gap” that caused the confusion will be closed.

“The confusion and pain resulting from this gap is completely unfair to those who are affected,” Mr. Nicholson said. “I want to make it clear that, in my government’s view, those marriages should be valid.”]


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4 responses to “Canada gay marriages “not legal,” Ottawa argues”

  1. John O Eiden says :

    Your can please some of the people some of the time,yet not all the people all of the time. Attempting to change other people’s point of view in regards to rights regarding Religion, Gay or Non Gay rights, Political motivates, marking of ones body to display how different they want to stand out and of course sexual desires which are really say for the most part crazy and expect the majority to arrive on the same page?. Never ever going to happen and for we are all made up from the books we have read, people we have been around,places we have been and formed our own personal comfort zone. I am just as guilty as anyone of stating that if I join a group and it has rules and has had for over several hundred years that you can not join because of whatever reason!. Then if your in the group and decide to be a rule breaker you should be asked to leave and not be allowed to stay for the reason of amount of money you give the group. However if two people decide they want to get married of the SAME SEX let them period and let those two travel their own path, if they are law abiding, support themselves, are decent to those around them. SO my question is would you rather see a man and woman shack up and have bastard children, leave them home alone and not provide for them, suck off the welfare system and allow we the tax payers to pay for all this. Or would rather just let people decide who they are going to marry and support their own selves. For most part Gay people have a mind set and with excellent working skills leading to making for a better community.
    So let it be known that I could careless what the Gay people decide to do with their lives as it is really none of my BUSINESS nor YOURS. I am again a very conservative person with my own bond with God and his Son and support no religious organization. I do not want to belong to a Gay group for that is my Choice and ABOVE all do not want to belong to a ANTI GAY GROUP and look down on other people. My personal feelings are I support Dace in her GOAL to prove a point, giving her and everyone else the rights to make their own choices in life.

  2. Heather says :

    This sort of thing bothers me on many levels. Sorry that you’re having to go through this, Dace. 😦 The government shouldn’t have a say in what two consenting adults do in their relationships, and especially since the Government’s view of “marriage” is merely a legal contract, you should be able to be with and share your life with whom you choose. Period.

    I hope things work out.

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