That Time of the Year

It is that time of the year when we take time to think about family and about people around us.  Silly, but true.  Why would Thanks Giving and Christmas be so much different from the rest of the year? Why do we become more emotional, more sensitive, more generous, more empathetic and more giving?

I look at myself and shake my head.  I think of people who matter to me.  I think of people who played a significant role in my life but are not with us anymore.  I think of people who might become dear to my heart. Why don’t I think about them so much during the year? Why now?

We all know that these holidays are commercialized and emphasis is on sales and gift giving.  Is this “becoming soft” feeling artificially created or there is something to it?


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2 responses to “That Time of the Year”

  1. Andris says :

    Labs ieraksts! Lai Tev, Dace, veicas, prieciigus Ziemassveetkus! 🙂

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