how do you know that..

How Do You know that You are Awesome?
Yes, you make mistakes but you are unique, you are who you are, you make this world a better place for us to live in. You are awesome just the way you are as universe doesn’t judge and doesn’t discriminate.

How Do you know What Makes You Awesome? Being yourself – that makes you awesome! You say that you have many “not so good” qualities? Ok, define what is good and what is bad? Why would you have to live by somebody else’s beliefs? You define your  existence, your reality, your truth.

People Say that you are a bad person because…(whatever comes here). So what? You are still awesome. There is a place for good and bad in this world. There is a place for pain and happiness – that is what keeps it
balanced. You do what seems right at that time and maybe your behavior is not what people would expect but whatever you do is a part of a bigger picture that people might not understand. You do what you do and you do it right. You do your part in this world and that is why you are awesome.

How Do You Know that You Matter? Do you think you matter? Do you think you have something that the world can benefit from? Of course you do – you exist, you think, you have ideas, and you have a smile that will make somebody’s heart skip a beat. Of course you matter!

How Do you know The Bible is True? You don’t.  It is up to you to decide

How Do you know that God Exists or Doesn’t? You don’t. The Science can’t prove or disapprove. Live and find out.

How Do you know The Person You Love Loves You too? No matter what people say, they know the
answer. Sometimes you choose to ignore the obvious. There are always looks, things they do, words they say – there are clues that you choose to see or ignore, and it can go both ways. Love is such a tricky thing – you just can’t make yourself love somebody.  And if you can’t, they can’t make themselves love you. If you don’t love somebody, you can’t pretend as it doesn’t feel right inside out. When somebody is in love, they breath love, they see love, they illuminate love, they talk about it, their eyes speak love. You can never fool anybody unless they want to be fooled. You can choose to live a lie and ignore the truth but you know it.

How Do You Know that….? Whatever comes after that, you know the answer. Sometimes you are afraid to admit that you know the answer. I am not talking about the scientific questions that can be or cannot be answered. I am talking about questions that you have about how you feel, about your life, about your goals, about your place in this world.

You know the answer! Somewhere deep deep inside you have that gut feeling. You get confused when you start listening to what other people have to say about you and tell you that everything about you is wrong – your decisions, your thoughts, your dreams, your wishes. Listen to your heart and you will know…

The TRUTH is that other people are looking for same answers you are. They are not sure about their own path or the meaning of life or where they are going or who they are or what’s their purpose. You are awesome just because you are.


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