Sometimes I Pretend…

Yes, sometimes I pretend to be like everyone else. I talk to people about whether, I mingle, and I play their games,  especially these: employment, family, consumer, coworker or neighbor.  

 Have you seen those people who get upset about something at work and behave like it is the end of the world and you have robbed them of their last breath or air by not being able to do something they really, and I mean, really needed? I am talking about those people who morph with their work environment like it is their life’s purpose. Why? Life is so much more..

Life is so short to be pulled into the rut of undeniably useless roles and beliefs. I am not talking about going crazy or insane and doing some unreasonable things but just about living and enjoying. Follow your dreams, don’t become a part of this grey mass of brainwashed people who believe that you can’t or you shouldn’t just because nobody else has guts to try or to even think that there might be more to this life than trying to fit in, trying to do what everyone else is doing…

Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but I am not and that is what is great about me and everyone else. Being normal means being marginalized, being invisible, being a part of none existence, losing yourself in some kind of fake beliefs and being somebody you are not.  Normal is way overrated.


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