Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

I'm not oblivious I'm just focused on myself

Does that have anything to do with not wanting to be bothered? Asking means listening, and listening means feeling empathy and feeling empathy means that it is not about you, it is about somebody else.

Of course, life is too short and it is about you, but how much is it about you? Everybody wants to be loved, everybody wants to be noticed, everybody wants somebody or almost everybody around them to appreciate them, and care for them, but have they ever thought about giving?

It just surprises me how many people complain about being not seen or heard but when it comes to noticing people around them who might just want to hear a question: “are you okay”, they are just as oblivious as one can get. Is it being oblivious or choosing not to see? Is it easier not to see people around you and concentrate on yourself or people are really so blind to their surroundings?

Life is simple  – treat people around you the way you want to be treat. You have heard this so many times in your life, but do you know what that means?  You know the saying that people do not remember for what you do for them but they remember you for how you made them feel?

Do you remember that person who asked you questions about you, about what you like to do, what you are passionate about, what’s your opinion on some world known issue? You do not remember them because they were telling you what they think or what they do, you remember them because they made you feel important. So, if you want to be remembered and if you want to be important, make somebody feel special. Make them feel like they matter, like their opinion is important to you. It takes just a few minutes but you will make somebody smile today and they will remember and appreciate you…


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