Perfect Life

Does such a thing exist? It is so silly as whole bunch of people talk about it but have no clue what that is. And the reason nobody knows what perfect life looks like is – there is no such a thing as PERFECT LIFE. 

Life itself is so different for each and every one of us. We have guidelines how it supposed to look, but, as you remember, standards do not work, guidelines are for those who are lost and can’t think for themselves and keep questioning if something is acceptable by society, so others have come up with written and spoken rules that might help, but not really.  

Perfect life is something everybody is supposed to thrive for and most of the time it is something that others have; but not you. Have you noticed that everybody else looks happy and content? Have you noticed that it seems that your friends, coworkers, strangers got it figured out?  

The truth is – they look at you and think the same thing. There is perfect life and it is not perfect at all. Your life is perfect the way it is – there are good things and there are bad things. There is happiness and there is sadness and that is the perfect part as the opposite side of this is – no life at all. That means either you live or you are dead. Living is perfect regardless what comes your way. 

Your life will become perfect the moment you stop judging things and labelling them as good or bad. Once you take everything that comes, enjoy it, experience it, make the best out if it and stop trying to control it – it can’t get more perfect than that. Live my friend…just live…


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I am perfectly imperfect!

3 responses to “Perfect Life”

  1. Heather says :

    It’s kind of like the Taoist concept that there must be balance in life for things to be harmonious… You have to have the bad times in order to appreciate the good times.

  2. Michael says :

    For me, the real meaning of PERFECT LIFE is the feeling of self-fulfillment. When you are happy and much contented of what life you have now, and then without knowing that you already achieved a perfect life.

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