Religion vs Spirituality vs Atheism

I have no intentions to compare these things from a philosophical point of view as, I am pretty sure, smarter and more knowledgeable people have done it before me.

I would like to look into a different aspect – what do they have in common? From my perspective they are the same – it is a belief. It is a belief that either God or Buda or Krishna or forces of nature or Divine power exists or it is a belief that none of it exists.

So, the thing they have in common is – they all are just beliefs.

So, what is a belief? It is something that limits you. It limits your growth, it limits the way you see the world as beliefs provide you guidelines and boarders that shield you from seeing things the way they really are. One might argue that it enriches the quality of life, that it brings some kind of meaning or purpose to your existence.

However, if you believe that the earth is flat or round, how does it actually make your life better? You believe it does, but does it? If you believe something to be true, you stop searching and asking questions. And the moment you do that the game is over. You become blind and limited.

An example, if you were born within 4 walls and believed that it was your world and there was nothing else, would that enrich your life or make it true?

Let me ask you a question – how do you know you are not dreaming right now?


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3 responses to “Religion vs Spirituality vs Atheism”

  1. the.writer.says says :

    we are dreamers. always.

  2. Dace says :

    I actually meant that question a little bit differently. How do you know what this is real and not a dream? how do you know that you are awake?

    But, I do agree – we are all dreamers…

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