Vancouver Pride 2011

Vancouver Pride 2011

I woke up to the sound of whispers and giggles.  My friends were having fun getting ready for pride parade. There were 5 of us in a hotel room with 2 queen beds.  I was quiet excited as this was my second parade and I had amazing memories from the first one. Thousands of people come together to celebrate diversity.

The most amazing thing is that it is not so much about sexual minorities as much as it is just about diversity. The whole city is participating – police, EMC, firefighters, businesses, teachers, families and etc.  The city comes together for fun, smiles, laughter, joy and dancing. Hundreds of floats coast through  downtown creating a feeling of belonging and family.  A few weirdos as a reminded that we all are different and unique.

Families, children, singles, couples, sisters and brothers, gays,  straights, and transgenders as amazing as rainbow itself.  I felt warm and fuzzy inside as I witness this greatness.  I was witnessing 3 hrs of amazing people passing by me waving rainbow flags, holding signs that inspired, holding children’s hands and  smiling. It made me think of my my friends and people that I respect. The Celebration of diversity, celebration of human existence – as simple as it gets. You and me – we are humans and we are the ones that will stand by each other in a time of need, we will reach out to help, to support and to love.


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