Price You do not have to Pay

There is a price tag on everything – either it costs money, self esteem, time, your happiness or it can cost nothing.  It all depends on you.  Once you start looking at how you live your life and how you interact with people around you, you will know why you are where you are and what kind of price you have paid.

Today I stumbled up Scott Grinsberg’s blog – Hello, My Name is Blog. First, I thought it was one of those self promoting self help guys with big speeches and books, and he kind of is but isn’t.  It is not often that I stay and read what some people have to say as a lot of self help gurus make you feel like shit. And what I mean by shit is – they psychologically make you feel like you are a failure and that you need what they have to become better, to be happy and to get everything you want and have always dreamed about.  Not the case here…

He made me think about the price I pay for things I do and choices I make or don’t make.

Regret is the price you pay for having no balls.

Isn’t that true? Our lives are so controlled by the fear that we let things and people pass by because we are afraid.

Insomnia is the price you pay for having no trust.

This is a good one. I do not have the insomnia but I do have some difficulties sleeping and when I thought about it, I realized that I have some trust issues. That is how I have been brought up. And then I thought about the fact that we quiet often use our past as an excuse and I am definitely guilty.

so what price are you paying for little things that keep you away from living?

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4 responses to “Price You do not have to Pay”

  1. Charron's Chatter says :

    wow. A question I do not want to answer. Good post..!

  2. johannisthinking says :

    Thought provoking post! You have already made me THINK MUCH…now I will have to think some more! LOL….seriously, your blog is so inspiring! You speak with such openness…I wish I had your courage…

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