Making a Difference or Following Your Heart

Some of us want to make a difference in this world. Some of us just want to be inspired, and some of us are just happy with the way things are right now.  As we have already established, the truth is one but the paths are many. So, today I just wanted to talk about a woman that I met on Facebook.  Her name is Sharon Love.  She is so determined to make a difference for LGBTQ community that she has dedicated her life to that goal. Sharon has started many Facebook groups to raise awareness on same-sex marriage, LGBT community, gay youth, bullying,  gay friendly work places, happy relationships and many more….She raises awareness on

Failure is not an option for her. Sorry, failure is great as Sharon believes that it teaches you to get up and learn from it instead of giving up. Every failure teaches us a lesson on what can be done better. It also, makes us stronger. Failure should not be taken as a bad thing, it should be taken as an opportunity to grow. Check her out, check her website and join the movement


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