Weak in The Knees

You know that song that gives you chills and makes your legs move uncontrollably? That song that makes you smile like an idiot and makes your day, and it doesn’t matter that you have heard it 500 times in past few days? Yes, and maybe there are a few of those not just one.

Well, for the first time in my life I can actually tell you the name of the musician who’s every song makes me feel like that. I can relate to every single one of them and tell a story, like: “this one time in band camp….”

I am weak in the knees for Serena Ryder.

It truly seems that Serena has somehow hacked into my memories and wrote her songs to torture me.

“Would you mind if I pretended we were somewhere else,
doing something we wanted to, ‘Cause all this living makes me wanna do,
is die because I can’t live with you, and you don’t even care.”

Don’t tell me that you have never been in love with someone who either didn’t feel the same way about you or didn’t want anybody to find out that you were together? How many times have you fallen for someone so badly that you felt like dying would be an easier choice?

Would you mind if I pretended I was someone else,
with courage in love and war. I use to think that’s what I was,
but now this lying hurts too much, and I don’t know what for.

Here we go again! You are passing by his or her cubicle / office / apartment building many times a day and secretly hope to catch a glimpse or a smile. You have no courage to just walk to the person and lay it all out. You wish that you were someone else – someone better or you wish you were the person they are with. Or…you guys are dating and you are still in the closet or vice versa and have no guts to stand up and be yourself.

Would you mind if I walked over and I kissed your face,
in front of all your friends.
Would you mind if I got drunk and said, I wanna take you home to bed,
Oh would you change your mind?

I think this is self explanatory. Not sure if I had ever thought that I would change my mind if somebody would come to me and say: I wanna take you home to bed. Most likely, I would freak out regardless if I liked the person or not. However, I have been in situations where I wanted to kiss somebody so badly and just throw myself under the bus but never had the courage to do so.

 oh, Serena, you know how to push my buttons


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One response to “Weak in The Knees”

  1. Heather S. says :

    Oh boy, music has soooo much power…!

    I have so many songs that just the first few bars of intro chords can take me back completely into the moment I first heard it, or the moment something happened and it simply happened to be playing in the background. It’s almost… uncanny? magical? …how music can evoke such powerful, encompassing imagery.

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