Your First Love

Who doesn’t have one? And, yes, gay people also have it.  We all fall in love for the first time…

My first love snuck up on me at age 7. I didn’t see it coming and I had no clue what hit me. My love for her developed over years as she was my teacher . I even started writing poetry…

It is so funny to look back and remember the struggle of finding out what all those feelings were and what it meant to fall in love. It’s like learning about new foods and new tastes. You don’t know what it is, you have no idea how to describe what it tastes like and you don’t know if you like it or not.

It kind of hurts! Either you end up dating your first love or just suffer through it, it almost always ends up hurting you. You break up or spend your days day dreaming about things that could have happened but didn’t. It is a way you learn how to love and what love is. You still don’t know but you are starting to understand. And those are beautiful years.

What is significant about your first love? You never forget it…Those beautiful eyes, amazing smile, the scent… I can see you remembering yours.


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2 responses to “Your First Love”

  1. suzanne ross says :

    I had a few first loves when I was very young, each more intense than the last.

    It would have been good to be able to share those experiences, at the time. It might have taken some of the intensity out of them, made them easier to understand, less painful, maybe even fun.

  2. Dace says :

    I hear you Suzanne! Just being able to talk to somebody or read a book or a blog or an article would make a huge difference. I am pretty sure, that would easy the pain and bring some understanding and awareness of what was going on…Only if we had that…

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