Hawaii Scuba Diving – Day 2

Diving in Hawaii

I guess, I survived despite my own whining and predictions.  The worst thing was discovering that my diving adventures had to be cut short due to some physical disabilities.  Who thought that having small ears and small ear pathways is a bad thing? it’s like being discriminated because some tubes in your head are not wide or long or big enough to comfortably dive and equalize properly.

I wasn’t eaten by a shark and did not drown but I did end up bleeding through my nose and was deaf for two days after 2 deep dives (1 hr each).  So, instead of doing a night dive to watch Manta rays feed tonight, I am spending my precious time hoping there was sun out there to fry my behind.

Regardless the sea sickness and air pressure problems, I did have an amazing experience. Breathing underneath the water, 60 feet deep, seeing turtles just swimming by and wondering what those dorks are staring at, watching spinner dolphins playfully dive around , avoiding yellow magic moray, and admiring coral, spotted toby fish, and watching triton trumpet shell eating crown of thorn star fish (the photo) – isn’t that worthy some  pain and blood?


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