Scuba Diving – Day 1

Hawaii…here we are.  Four and a half days of captivity on the Big Island. I am still alive. I survived the first day of scuba diving. Yes, you heard it right, the emphasis goes on “survived”. Not enough that I almost drowned in a chlorine pool certifying prior to the trip, I shed a few years off my precious life in the ocean today. And, yes, I am going back tomorrow for the second part.

Turns out – I get sea sick in a very funny way – not by sitting on the rocking boat but by clogging my ears and then drifting. Apparently, you can get sea sick diving. My ears clog easily and it takes a few hours on the ground to get them unclogged. Why is it a big deal? Well, because you might as well not eat before diving…

I am trying to dive down to 20 feet not understanding why I am having symptoms of a full blown panic attack without having a panic attack. Maybe..just maybe…I am going out on a limb here making an assumption that trying not to let your breakfast come out through the only air source you have could be a challenge….Let’s move on…

Seeing turtles swimming by like you are a part of the corral and big fish stopping by to peak at you as you probably look funny with those goggles on – is priceless. Being able to breath underneath the water is one of the coolest things ever.

Hopefully, day two will be a bit better day as I am ready – in one hand I have a brand new snorkel that doesn’t let water in and in the other hand I have my new best friend motion sickness pill. It better work as losing breakfast two days in a row is not what I would call a dream come true scuba diving experience.

It should be an interesting day as I heard today that there was a shark attack yesterday. The shark decided to take a bite out of a Stand Up Paddler’s board.  Luckily, the lady managed to reach the shore before the grey fluffy took a bite out of her. Exciting, you think! Not when it is after you…


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