Getting Ready for Hawaii

Getting ready for Hawaii is not fun. You think that all you need is shorts, sandals and a good attitude? Oh, hell now. That’s what I thought. Well, apparently it can be nice and sunny in one place but around the corner it rains, blows and kills with dark clouds.

I was advised to pack my winter jacket in case if I wanted to star gaze. Who is saying words like that when you are ready to run around half naked with a snorkel in your mouth and a blown up swan swimming ring around your waist?

I had a day dream – Me, jumping on solid smooth lava bumps like a little girl getting closer to a live volcano, feeling a slight warm breeze caressing my face, and watching a flow of uniformed, breath taking stream of melted rocks fall into ocean making a hissing sound as it cools down and evaporates.

 …And like a cold shower, slap, one of the websites suggests: bring boots or hiking shoes, thick gloves, a hat and thicker pants…I am not sure if that was written by a scared, sensitive, over reacting man or I actually should consider bringing all that but it smacked my imagination into a dirty puddle of ugly expectations.

 So, before I leave for Hawaii I need to pack my winter gear..weird…



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2 responses to “Getting Ready for Hawaii”

  1. Victoria Oldham says :

    I went in May, and the only time I needed more than shorts and a t-shirt was when I went to the higher altitudes, where it got extremely windy.

    But I was on the beach at 5:30 in the morning, and it was glorious.

    Have a wonderful time.

    • Dace says :

      you are right Victoria. All you need is shorts and a few T-shirts. It has been cloudy here for the past 3 days but it is still not cold enough to put anything else on.

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