People Have Gone Mad

Sorry About My Drawing

Have you ever thought that sometimes you have higher expectations for other people than you have for yourself? The other day I was using my friend google and stumbled upon a celebrity gossip page and it got me thinking.

What do we expect of people and what do we expect of ourselves, and what is the difference between these expectations? A few simple questions, you think. Let’s look at it.

You expect availability and transparency of information on celebrities (movie stars, singers, politicians). Information that is available online, on TV, and in magazines. However, you do not want anybody to put you in a spot light and share details of your life with the rest of the world.

Of course, the typical reaction to these words would be: they knew what they were getting into, they are celebrities, my curiosity has good intentions, as celebrities they are different, they are starved for attention. Really?

 If you are good at what you do, do you want to do it and get paid for doing it? Are you still a human being who works hard, who is proud of the end result of your work, who likes to spend time with people you love, friends, coworkers, who likes to go out and have a good time.?

Do you believe that you deserve love and a chance to be happy, to share happiness with this one special person who loves you for who you are and not for the money you have? Don’t you want to be left alone without judgment, without interruptions, without others discussing your choices as it was up for discussion and popular vote?

If the answer to questions above is “yes”, then why do you expect anything different from celebrities? Whatever they do is their job. Whatever they produce – music, movies, books, clothing, is something for you to enjoy or use. The same way as your work – it is just a job that you do to earn yourself a living.

Do you expect people who use your product to invade your life outside your work time? Do you expect them to want and request you to behave in a certain way when you are not working? Do you expect them to stick a camera in your face when you are shopping or going out with your friends? Would you like to see an article in the newspaper or a story on the 6 am News on you every time you got too drunk to get home without doing something silly?

 You know you have done same things celebrities have but you still judge them. You still expect them to behave the way you want them to behave. You expect them to be role models and do what you think is right without actually holding yourself to those standards.

One can say that they have the responsibility to do that but in reality – they do not. We have the responsibility to use the product(s) they produce, enjoy them and allow people to live their lives outside their work as any of you would do.

So, to summarize all that – we live by double standards.


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