Break Ups

I was reading upon Melissa Etheridge’s and Tammy Lynn Michaels’ break up on Lez Get Real and it got me thinking. I know, I know…thinking is not my strongest quality but…I do have to say one thing. No matter how bad it is and no matter what the reason is or what the other person has done or hasn’t done, it is never a good thing to bash each other in public. Dirty laundry is between two people. Isn’t that true that at some point in time, you fell in love and loved each other for reasons known only to you?

Maybe, over time things changed, feelings changed and you do not see eye to eye and maybe it is time to go your separate ways, but you loved this person, you loved their personality, you loved how they made you feel and, believe it or not, that person is still there. If you loved them, you should respect them no matter what happened. Either you fell out of love, they cheated or you cheated…shit happens. However, it is not an excuse to bash the person you loved. It is just not okay. I don’t care who you are – a celebrity or a homeless person, you deserve to keep your dignity.

I have read a few comments by Melissa and I have lost all my respect for her. Tammy is the mother of her children. They both are parents and they both have the responsibility to teach their kids respect for other people and to show that you can be civilized towards each other even if things go wrong. We all make mistakes and I am pretty sure none of them meant to hurt the other person.

I am not trying to preach – forgive them all and turn your other cheek. I am just saying that poring dirt on your ex’s image in public is just a low blow and what does it say about you? Not the person you are bashing, but you? Be a better person…just walk away.


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