UN deletes gay reference from anti-execution measures

A United Nations panel has deleted a reference to gays and lesbians in a resolution condemning unjustified executions.

As some of you have already heard this UN vote could lead to more gay executions. I wonder how many of those gay / trans haters are gays themselves and just can’t accept themselves for who they are. As parents we are responsible to teach our kids tolerance and understanding that the world is not black and white and that being different is okay. And regardless what faith or religion you follow – violence is never and option and should be condemned.

How in a world some people are allowed to think that they have the right to kill somebody or use violence just because others do not follow their footsteps? Why some people think that their way is the right way when in reality they are just nothing in this universe, just a particle of dust like everybody else?

This is a worrying and regressive step…quiet shamefull I might add


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5 responses to “UN deletes gay reference from anti-execution measures”

  1. New Allie says :

    I don’t know how I missed knowing this…I guess it didn’t make the headlines. I just feel like crying, why on earth would they delete that part. It’s like saying it’s okay to kill someone because they are gay or lesbian. It’s the same with the anti-bullying efforts that exclude someone who is gay, lesbian or trans. I just don’t get it. I don’t get the heart that can hold such hate or even care so little. Allie

  2. Anne says :

    But maybe they just thought that adding homosexuals to that list would be separating them from all the society and thus maintaining a prejudiced society ??? I mean – what should we care of persons sexual orientation when he/she is killed? Do you really see the world through the paradigm of sexual orientation? If someone is killed without a reason – it’s murder, and that’s that.

    • Dace says :

      “…Do you really see the world through the paradigm of sexual orientation? If someone is killed without a reason – it’s murder, and that’s that…”
      you said it exactly – if someone is killed for no reason, it is a murder. However, it looks to me that you are stuck on the sexual aspect yourself. Sexual orientation doesn’t define who I am but I do blog about issues that seem important to me, the same way as you talk about heterosexaul aspect of your opinion and heterosexual understanding of this world.

      I do believe that sexual orientation has nothing to do with who I am as a person, daughter, partner, co worker, friend, sister, cousing, and a human being. Also, I believe that I should have equal rights to live and love, be protected by law and my country, have religious beliefs, have equal opportunities for employment and medical benefits.

      And I do believe that I have a right to live my life without fear that someone will decide that I deserve to die because they have a problem with whom I love

  3. Anne says :

    “It’s like saying it’s okay to kill someone because they are gay or lesbian. ”

    ???? Really? How exactly is it like to say that it is okay to kill someone because they are gay or lesbian??? Did the UN resolution ever secure the rights of heterosexuals the same way? And if it didn’t – does it mean that they mean to say that it is okay to kill a heterosexual man or woman? 🙂

    You are seriously overreacting. In EU or USA or Canada it has never been okay to kill a person for no apparent reason, (it’s called murder), and thus it will also never be okay to kill someone for being gay or lesbian just because their specific rights will not be in a particular UN declaration 😉

    • Dace says :

      If you’d educate yourself with human rights then you’d know that separate countries have their own laws and if the law says you can kill somebody just because they are gay and there is nothing else to overturn that, then killing a gay man or a woman is within the law of that particular country. The same way there are separate subsections that do protect woman from violence as there are countries that still has it justified by the law that a husband or a family can kill a woman because she was unfaithful or took off her veil in front of a man. It looks to me, my friend, that you have not spent any time reading or educating yourself to fully understand what this is all about.
      Nobody talks about homosexuals being special and asking for any special rights. We are talking about human rights (either gay, straight, men, women, children, transgender, white, black, yellow, brown etc) and any changes to United Nation’s law or agreement that will restrict or will not protect any of the mentioned above will create a reaction. This time it was about the fact, that once you removed homosexual category out of the description, it allowed some Middle East and African countries prosecute based on sexual preference just because their own laws stated that.
      Please do not make statements or accusations if you are not familiar with the issue.

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