I Give a Damn

I do care about people who feel that they have no other choice as to commit suicide. Nobody should think of suicide as the only option. We all have thought at least once that it would be so much easier not to exist but most of us have found strength to go on, to fight, to live, to exist, to love…
The most painful thing is to see kids kill themselves because they think that they are alone and there is no other way. We all have been there on either side and we know that it does get better, that it changes once we grow up but so many innocent lives are lost for nothing.

I am thrilled to find out that somebody gives a damn. Either you are straight, bisexual, gay or transgender, you are unique and you are important. A few celebrities got together and created a “Give A Damn” campaign to spread the word and make a difference. It is unacceptable to bully, it is unacceptable to turn to violence, and it is unacceptable if you push somebody to commit suicide. Being gay is OK, being transgender is OK, and being straight is OK. We are all people, we all are equal and we have amazing lives to live…

Check out the campaign and spread the word. I give a damn, do you?


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