I don’t know about you but it makes me really upset and extremely mad that some people think that they have a right to hit somebody, to hurt somebody either physically or verbally or emotionally. What would in a world give them such a right?
Of course, majority of the human race thinks that their values and beliefs are the right ones and that everybody else should follow into their footsteps.

However, it doesn’t give anybody the right to use force to convince those who do not agree! It doesn’t have to be the physical violence, it can be emotional or verbal…Words and behavior can do as much damage as beating.

It blows my mind to think that some of you out there think that you are so special and that you have the right to hurt somebody just because…People who are different are the ones that make this world a better place to live in, they bring so much more to the table than an ordinary human being that just wants to fit in…


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6 responses to “Violence”

  1. New Allie says :

    Has it always been this way, humanity hurting itself/each other? You make the world a better place. You bring more to the table. You are the hero. Thank you. Allie

    • Dace says :

      You know, I think that humanity has gotten better over centuries as information and education has been available to everybody, but you’d think that in 2010 you would have a bit more tolerant society. I would assume that in this time and age parents would have raised children with a deeper understanding of this diverse world and different people in it.

  2. Anne says :

    Hmm… humanity could only reach this level BECAUSE or the violence. It is in women’s nature (either homosexual or heterosexual) to think this way that violence is bad and unnecessary, but actually everyone should assume that if we like and want to live in today’s society, we have to be able to accept that today’s society is only possible because of heterosexual men, and because they had their hormones and their wanton for war, and thus – also their wanton for violence. That is the instinct that has us brought to us the knowledge that we have now. It is not the progress of history that drives the human race, it is the wanton of war and of victory that brings the progress to us. And it is only natural that lesbians will be repugnant to such manifestations of violence or force, because they are women, and women are are inclined to want peace, as even heterosexual women are not happy when their men decide to go to war or start a fight, (which is why the family model “woman+ man” balances the life).

    I also wanted to mention that the heterosexual men rights have been also breached, because nowadays they have almost no chances to sustain their previous rights that define them selves and almost no rights to describe their views of a family or of a society as normal. Also – in this “human rights” based society heterosexual men have no place to station their testosterone.

    • Dace says :

      I would beg to differ. At no time you can make a claim that violence = progress. Violence can be the drive to improve tools (industrial technology) and technique to get what you want but it does not drive the human progress. You can say that Violence is a tool of manipulation and the ultimate purpose of which is to promote genetic advancement (better mates for procreation, better food supply, better land and etc) .
      The use of violence often is a source of pride and a defence of honor, especially among males who often believe violence defines manhood. Society is driven and developed by an individual freedom and an individual creativity and not by violence.
      I believe that you, dear friend, are going down a really slippery slope by making this statement:
      “… I also wanted to mention that the heterosexual men rights have been also breached, because nowadays they have almost no chances to sustain their previous rights that define them selves and almost no rights to describe their views of a family or of a society as normal..”
      What heterosexual men rights are you talking about? And what views of a normal society?
      First, there is no definition of what a “normal society” is. It is purely based on individual understanding and beliefs.
      Second, ones rights imply – equal rights for existence, opinion and freedom of speech for everybody. So far every single heterosexual man has had rights to express their opinion and understanding on how everybody should live not limiting this opinion to his own personal life.
      No matter how you look at it and what kind of excuses you come up with – no violence is okay. Nobody has a right to hurt other people just because they feel like it either that is a man or a woman. Violence against another human being (verbal or physical) is not okay.

  3. Anne says :

    “… I also wanted to mention that the heterosexual men rights have been also breached, because nowadays they have almost no chances to sustain their previous rights that define them selves and almost no rights to describe their views of a family or of a society as normal..”

    With this I did not mean that ther is something as a “normal” society, but that nowadays there is the notion that everything should be accepted, except the view of patriarchal heterosexual men, which is seen as “not normal” and “violent”.

    Also – I do think that murder, rape, pedophilia etc. can not be accepted in a society, and thus if you think that the term violence only refers to that sort of things, I could probably agree with you, BUT it think that maybe everyone should think about the term “violence” in a broader sense. In my opinion violence is neither natural nor cultural, e.g. it is between nature and culture, as man (human being) it self is between nature and culture, thus I don’t think that violence is eliminated as a culture becomes “civilised” (parallel to what I think about the idea of progress), and thus I think that violence is everywhere, as part of a human being. It’s a part of the natures cycle AND a part of the human culture. (Even if humans become vegan they still kill about 4000 beings in a day! )

    Consider my example – don’t you think that an UN legislation that states that no one should hurt a homosexual or impair a theif in the muslim culture is moral/verbal and maybe in time even physical violence against a culture that considers strongly that their are saving the souls of the homosexuals or thiefs (or women that are cheating on men) because it is a deadly sin? But don’t you still accept this violence as necessary and rightful? And if so – how does it differ from St.Augustin who was first to state that there are rightful wars if they are fought in the name of Christ???

    Which is to say – I do not think murder/rape/etc. is good and should be promoted, but can you really say that there is some acts that are not somehow violent?

    • Dace says :

      Anne, I read and re-read your comment over and over and still can’t say that I fully understand what you are trying to say. I agree with the fact that violence is a part of our existence and, more or less, that is the way we try to get what we want, prove our point, or make people do things we want them to do, or project inability to solve problems verbally or use it as a punishment. Violence in a name of God, Christianity, Hinduisms (any religion) or your personal beliefs is unacceptable. That would be saying that white supremacy is a justifiable violence. That would be saying that mutilation of females reproductive organs is justifiable and that would be saying that killing Muslims or Atheists is justifiable.
      Of course, we are walking the fine line between the good and the bad violence and a philosophical discussion on which violence, if any, is acceptable but no matter how you look – violence is a self given right.
      I will stand my ground and repeat it again that no violence towards the other person is justifiable if it is based on your religion or beliefs.

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