What is the most powerful word?

There is only one word that has the power to change our lives and that word is – choice. The choice determines everything – who we are, the direction we are going, things we are doing and not doing.

What is “choice”? I had to go peak in the and this is what I got:
To select from a number of possibilities; pick by preference, to prefer or decide (to do something), to want, to desire, to make a choice, to be inclined: (Example: You may stay here, if you choose.)

TO WANT AND TO DESIRE – we all have wants and desires. We want to be accepted, loved, understood and respected. However, you can “choose” to love somebody, or not be loved. You can choose to seek after that which you desire, or simply hope it will magically come to you someday.

TO SELECT FROM A NUMBER OF POSSIBILITIES – this is quiet powerful. A number of possibilities, I would say this is almost unlimited. You can be whoever you want and I mean this in a way that you have a choice to be a good person, you have a choice to respect people and their differences, you have a choice to react to negativity, rudeness, bigotry or you have a choice to be tolerant, patient, and etc…

TO MAKE A CHOICE – You could choose to imagine your life as a pathway to success or believe that success will never come your way. You could choose to believe in something when all those around you say you should not believe in it. You could choose to take “action” or not take action.

You see, it is “YOU” that chooses –
* To be happy
* To love life
* To enjoy every single day
* To be who you are…

YOU have the power to choose the direction of your life.

* You can choose to be out or to be in the closet.
* You can choose to have a healthy body by choosing what you put in it and what you do with it.
* You can choose to see your life as a playing ground or a reason to sit at home and feel sorry for yourself.
* You can choose to forgive.
* You can choose to help others.
* You can choose to feel miserable and blame others
* You can choose ask “Why” instead of “Where do I go from here”

But here is the bottom line. It is “YOU” who must choose, no one else can choose for you.
Here is an important question……Will you choose?

Make no mistake about it, even if you choose NOT to choose, you have still made a choice, you have chosen a direction for your life.
You know there are areas of your life “RIGHT NOW” where you have failed to make a choice….to choose one way or another.

Decide to choose today! Dream BIG and make BIG choices.


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