McDonald’s gay ad

I watched this video and felt offended. Why?  Well, lets start with a message that it was communicated to me.   I have nothing against people that are in the closet for one or another reason as not all of us (gay, bi, trans) can or are ready to come out, but an ad that openly shows that you have to hide who you are, doesn’t appeal to me.  I might be overreacting  but this is how I perceived it.  In my personal opinion, McDonald failed to appeal to gay community.

I love Subaru’s ads and I love Levis ads and I do buy from them because they are gay friendly.  It makes me smile when I see an ad that doesn’t make a huge deal out of being minority and that is just a simple every day’s life like being gay and being straight is the same thing…

I am not saying that this is a bad ad, I am not saying that I know the purpose of this ad in France and I am not saying that the message they are sending is not appealing to youth but it did offend me…


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4 responses to “McDonald’s gay ad”

  1. Neatkarīgais says :

    idk, it doesn’t offend me. I find it cute.. and realistic. So the guy is in the closet, does it really matter? Many gay teens are not out. ‘Come as you are’ is the slogan after all. Straight or gay, in or out.

    Not that I would eat at McDonald’s 😉

    • Dace says :

      I know, I know…living in Canada has made me see this world from a different perspective and I might have had some weird expectations from an ad. Too bad for me…

  2. suzanne ross says :

    Wow. I have only read a couple of posts so far, but I love your blog.

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