Same-Sex Marriage

Russian LesbiansRussian Lesbians got married in Canada on October 23, 2009.  Way to go girls!  It’s a dangerous way of provoking government and society, but necessary to raise awareness.
Former soviet union republics and Russia itself has not caught up to the rest of Europe and are quiet far from implementing laws that would protect Human Rights.  These women were denied the right to marry in their native Russia and they came to Canada, according to the United Press International.
This is actually great and I can’t stop laughing.  Russian law does recognize international marriages regardless of genders.  I would like to see how Russian officials are going to weasel out of this one as I can predict that when they return home, girls will seek official recognition….
1:0 Russian lesbians are up….

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One response to “Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. bridgeout says :

    I love this! Good for them! I hope they make a splash!

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