No, It’s Not Because I am gay

I like sports, any sports. I play basketball and tennis. I play soccer and Ping-Pong.  I don’t like chess or curling. I love hockey. I don’t like shopping for clothe but I love Best Buy.

I love reading books and I love writing, and I totally dig Matrix, CSI, Bones, Numb3rs, Man in Black, and Law & Order (any). Fishing and camping is something I look forward to a lot. I love and respect Mother Nature. I adore animals. I belong to a non profit organization that will end poverty and make sure that every single child is fed and educated.

I do not like Cher, Madona, Britney or Paul Abdul. I love Josh Groban and Celine Dion. I am afraid of heights but I like to challenge myself.

I am against any kind of violence and discrimination and it is not because I am a lesbian.  It is because I am Dace Sevcuna.


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About Dace

I am perfectly imperfect!

6 responses to “No, It’s Not Because I am gay”

  1. saeid says :

    Please rethink.
    You are best Human.
    Gay is bad .
    Please rethink.

    God is best of freand,

  2. Dace says :

    Dear Saeid, let’s start with: there is nothing to rethink. Being gay is not a choice that one makes and it is not a switch one can turn on or off.
    This post is about people like you and me who are marginalized or categorized. We are just human beings with likes and dislikes, with good and bad qualities.

  3. bridgeout says :

    Thank you for your post. I also love your header photo!
    Thanks for your comment on my post!

  4. bridgeout says :

    I have to comment here again and say that I love the title!!! How many things would I love to just exclaim… “No, it’s not because I am gay.”

    PS- very appreciated and important comment you left yesterday.

  5. New Allie says :

    I loved every second of it! and Lee and I just love the Indigo Girls, Sugarland, our Bassett Hound and Chihuahua. You have an awesome site.

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