“The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. No heart will suffer if it goes in search of its dreams.”  Somebody said these words that spoke to me.

I have met so many people that are not happy with their lives, jobs, and careers, but not ready or unwilling to change. Imagine, what would happen if we all  followed our dreams. Yes, as simple as that! Unfortunately, we have been consumed by other aspects of our lives and have pushed our dreams aside.  Happiness doesn’t come from things outside, it is born within us, and to experience it, we have to follow the inner calling.


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I am perfectly imperfect!

2 responses to “Dreams”

  1. Rick Modien says :

    Dace, I’ve thought the very same thing myself. If all of us could get realigned with who we are authentically, imagine how much more fulfilled and happy we’d be. I’m on my path, which was no easy step to take, believe me. But I’ve never felt more like myself than I do now. Some days are tougher than others, but, overall, everything my partner and I did to get me here was well worth it.
    Here’s to everyone finding his or her passion and moving in the direction of fulfilling it.

  2. Dace says :

    it is a scary path, but at the end it is worth it. Nobody can make you happy but yourself and, yes, it is not easy. Good luck, my friend!

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