Utah Lawmaker Says LGBT People Are America’s “Greatest Threat”


“They’re probably the greatest threat to America going down I know of”,  Chris Buttar says in an interview on-camera with filmmaker Reed Cowen taped in Buttars’ official Senate office on January 30th, 2009. To my knowledge for the last 8 years the same thing can be said about George W.  Bush.  For some odd reason till this day there are people who don’t understand that Government and Religion DO NOT mix and SHOULD NOT be mixed.  Human rights have nothing to do with what you believe or don’t believe in. 

When somebody speaks out against a group of citizens, they only degrade their own face as human beings especially if this someone holds a Senator position.

We as society vote for people that we think will represent us and will make sure that decisions government makes are unbiased and stand for equality protecting everybody’s rights.  These decisions should be based not on their personal or religious beliefs but based on the fact that we all should be treated equally, we all should be protected by Law and we all should be responsible for our actions.

Sadly, hateful speech is nothing new to Buttar’s. During debate over a school-funding bill last year, he said “This baby is black.  It’s a dark, ugly thing,” sparking the NAACP to call for his resignation.

These remarks were not made behind closed doors, but openly and unapologetically in front of other people.  A person of deep faith and love for other human beings would never make remarks like these to offend or demean those who are not of the same color, same religion or same sexuality.

LGBT people “are destroying the Constitution.” Really? Is he serious? It is clear to me that the only people who do destroy or have intent to destroy Constitution are people like C. Buttar and G.W. Bush who think that they can bend rules and mold Constitution  to reflect their own religious beliefs.

Constitution ≠ Religious Beliefs

(video had to be removed as per owners request)


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