Boys OR Girls

Boys OR Girls

Boys OR Girls

Did I like girls or boys when I was growing up? I don’t have many memories of me as a child but let me look back and see what I can remember.

First memories that I have flashbacks of are somewhere around age 6th. To be honest, I have no idea. I don’t think I had crushes on anybody at that time.  However, when we were playing house, I always wanted to be the daddy. Not because I wanted to be a boy but because we were holding hands like family does, we were smooching (haven’t met a 6 year old who knows how to French kiss). According to all that psychological mumbo jumbo, that age is time for exploration. You don’t actually see much of a difference between sexes. Why do you have something hanging and I don’t? And how come you can pee in the bathtub further than I? Those were the questions that really bugged me. It was not fair, let me tell you.

And who invented dresses? Seriously! I never looked good in a yellow dress with a white bow on my head. How can you climb a tree with something yellow wrapped around your neck? And God forbid the exposure of your underwear.  I think by age 7 I decided that I liked boys for one reason – they had pants, no bows and they could role play and be “Robin Good”.  I could not understand why girls wanted to play in a sandbox, wear lipstick and try on high heel shoes. It was so unpractical. Chasing balls, playing pirates, running around, and climbing trees – that was fun.

By age 8 I had my first crush. It was my teacher. She stole my heart and never actually gave it back. You could say that everybody had a crush on a teacher at that age. True…but almost none of them stayed and blossomed till the age of 12. I didn’t know what I felt or what it was as at that age kids usually do not suffer from sexual frustration. However, as nature changes and hormones are introduced to our foods, kids mature earlier these days and 9 year old girls become mothers. Not in my time though!

So, if I look back, I have always liked girls. Mostly older girls as they were more mature. Boys were my friends and playmates. They were easy to get along with. I have liked women all my life and have had crushes on them. It wasn’t a choice that I made or a switch that I could turn on or off. I was waving the rainbow flag when I came out of the womb.


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    Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

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