You Are What You Feel and Think

No matter if you are a woman or a man, black, white, yellow, or red, you have come into this life with a purpose – to make a difference in somebody’s life. It might be your own or your neighbour’s, mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, or total stranger’s.

There are people who will tell you that you do not deserve to be happy or that you have no rights to be happy, but the truth is – they say those things because they are not happy themselves. It is not so much about your human rights or lack of them. It is about them being totally lost and not being able to accept themselves for who they are.


Look into yourself and think about times when you felt hurt, sad or angry. Instead of acknowledging these feelings, you wanted to hurt somebody – you said things that actually reflected what you felt and not so much the situation. You snapped at home, at work or on the street. You were hurting and you punished everybody who was in your way.


We react on things based on our previous experiences and beliefs. Sometimes we belief that the world owes us and that everybody HAS to accept us, and love us for who we are.  It is kind of strange because we, on the other hand, feel the same anger and disagreement towards people who hate us or think that they do.


If you feel anger and if you expect people to react certain way, you will meet people who will give you what you ask for. It’s hard to explain, but it goes something like this: You decide to buy a car and you know exactly what you want. And from that day on – all you see is the car that you want. You don’t notice other cars.  Isn’t that true? You do not see any other model or make…they are there, but you do not see them. You selectively choose to see or notice things that are important to you – either that is a gay friendly person or anti-gay person.


In other words, we are what we feel and think. We have the power to choose to be who we are and what we represent.  If you feel happy and content, if you accept other people the way they are, then you will attract the same. Your life is made of your choices. If you feel sad, you see everybody sad. If you are angry, every single person makes you mad. If you think that everybody is out there to get you, that is what you see and what you believe in, and that is what exists for you a that point in time.


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