LGBT Activisms

I was watching “How My Same-Sex Wedding Made Me An Activist” video and my heart skipped a beat. What kind of rights government or religious institutions have to say that you can or can’t love? Hate is not the virtue to teach your kids especially if you consider yourself a Christian.

I would want to ask a question to Pope: How can you spread the word of love and hate at the same time? How can you close your eyes on Catholic priests molesting children (keeping it as quiet as possible) and oppose to love between two people?

My heart goes to these people as my partner and I had to leave US for Canada where same-sex marriage has same rights as marriage between a man and a woman. My partner is an American and had to leave her family, friends, and home behind to be with me and have a chance to start a family.




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2 responses to “LGBT Activisms”

  1. Etlouw says :

    I am a minister of faith and although do not agree to same sex marriages, and I will surely not conduct such a marriage – I am still of the opinion that if God expect from me to love my enemy, or a drunkard, or a drug adict, or a molester – then surely He expect me to love gay people.

  2. Dace Sevcuna says :

    I think God expects you to love yourself first and to accept yourself as you are. Only when you love yourself and acknowledge that we all are just human beings who love, hate, cry and care for another human being, you can be free.
    God preaches love and not hate. God teaches to live your life the best way you can and share your life, your patience, acceptance, wisdom, faults, mistakes, and knowledge with others.
    Same-sex marriage is not so much about which religion, priest, church or government building we can say – I do or I will or I promise. It is about simple human rights to be with the person you love and be protected by law.
    We as humans are so different, we believe in different things, we love different things and we do not have to understand why and how, we just need to accept the other person for who they are and let them live their lives to the best of their ability.
    You believe in God and organized religion (Christianity), my friend is Buddhist, his friend is Muslim, and his friend is Jehovah follower…we don’t agree or don’t understand, but we love them and respect them because they are children of God (which ever name they use to call God).

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